Team Building and Wellness Consultation for Organizations & Businesses

Enhancing relationships and teamwork among employees is a worthwhile goal for all employers.  Team building workshops and outings provide an opportunity for colleagues to play, laugh and work together outside the traditional employment setting.  The opportunity to step back from daily stress and focus on the team can lead to improved team dynamics and valuable insights for team members.  Attendees leave workshops replenished, more “team aware” and with a renewed commitment to the team.

Team Building Workshops
Full or half day 'Team Building Workshops' enhance camaraderie, spirit and teamwork.  The day’s events can take place outdoors, in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Berkshire Hills, or in a cozy indoor venue.  Experiential games, activities and initiative problems provide the content.  We prefer the details of the itinerary to be developed in partnership with you.

Stress Management Workshops
The physical and mental health benefits of managing stress are well established, as are the detrimental effects of not.  Stress management workshops provide the opportunity for attendees to develop new skills, and to exercise skills they already have.  The experience of being in a workshop devoted to stress management builds strong alliances among the attendees, who share common goals throughout this bonding experience.

Contact us to discuss your organization’s needs and to plan your itinerary.