Mental Health Consultation for Schools and Agencies

Today’s schools and child centered agencies face the challenge of not only educating children and teens, but also supporting their emotional development and managing their mental health needs.  Our expertise with mental health issues allows us to provide skill development and support for school and agency personnel.

The partnership between school or agency personnel and an outside consultant is sometimes the most effective formula for problem-solving and program development.  We offer the following consultation services:
• Child-specific consultation for when…
A school or agency is attempting to develop a plan for a child or teen who is struggling or on the verge of crisis.  Phases of the consultation include assessment, intervention and follow-up.  The goal of the consultation is to avert the crisis, and to develop an intervention that leads to success
• Program development for when…
A school or agency is seeking to introduce a new program or improve in a particular area, for example:
~ Improving the emotional climate of an organization
~ Beginning a new behavior management program in a school
~ Enhancing an organization’s ability to deliver quality services